Boost Your Health and Performance with Arginine and Nitric Oxide Supplements

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Why L-Arginine?

To keep your heart healthy and functional, cardiologists recommended supplements to assist with the deficiency of nutrients. Although there are several powerful drugs to help prevent and treat chronic health problems, there are supplements that can do the same. One of these supplements is Arginine. Supplements of Arginine and Nitric Oxide are very helpful in improving blood flow, cardiovascular health, muscle growth, and endurance during intense workouts. Arginine has received a lot of attention lately for its potential heath benefits.

According to WebMD, 85.6 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. Considering there is 327.9 million Americans, that's a terrifying 26% of Americans with cardiovascular diseases. This is an alarming wake up call. This is one of the reasons Arginine is getting so much attention. We all could afford to be more focused on our individual positive health and fitness journey.

Our bodies need Arginine to function properly. Arginine is needed for a number of different functions in the body such as wound healing, assisting the kidneys with removing waste products from the body, maintaining immune and hormone function, and dilating and relaxing arteries. The attention on arginine comes from the possible heart benefits arginine provides as a natural supplement.

The amino acid, arginine, changes into nitric oxide (NO) in the body; which is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and improve circulation. Based on some evidence, arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart; which could improve symptoms of clogged arteries, angina, chest pains, and coronary artery disease.

Other positive benefits from taking arginine is a possible reduction of blood pressure and helping with erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of Arginine Supplement:

✔️️It’s very useful for lowering inflammation that directly helps in improving the health of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system. Oral arginine is in demand as it is one of the best and popular supplements recommended by cardiologists. Arginine has the power to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Arginine is very effective and important for building strong muscles, fighting inflammation causing bone and joint pain, repairing injuries, and for general nervous system functions.

✔️️IMPROVES PERFORMANCE: It helps in bringing nutrients and oxygen to muscles and joint tissues, that effectively improves the blood flow and performance. Appropriate blood flow can help you in enjoying the benefits of exercise but without much pain.

Arginine is also effective in increasing heat and circulation to damaged joints or cold hands and feet for people facing complications with poor blood flow, arthritis or diabetes.

✔️ PROTECTS YOUR HEART: It has the power to control the health of blood vessels and cardiovascular system, which is mainly useful for the heart functions. Arginine is a very effective supplement for preventing a heart attack or stroke by controlling the high blood pressure, improving blood flow in clogged arteries, controlling high cholesterol, preventing congestive heart failure, enhancing stamina and decreasing symptoms associated with cut-off blood flow from the heart to the limbs.

✔️ LOWERS INFLAMMATION & MAINTAIN YOUTHFULNESS: Stay young with the use of Arginine supplements as when it consumed with mixing antioxidants like vitamin C and omega-3 fish oil supplements, which slow down the aging process and preventing many chronic diseases. It can increase the resting growth hormone levels at least 100% which simply affects your body metabolism in a positive way. It helps in giving you a healthy life by improving the repair process, build and maintain the youthful foundation of the skeletal muscle system.

Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator, meaning it helps in relaxing the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen. This simply helps in increasing blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Nitric Oxide has been said to have the power to prevent blood clotting and is generated by nearly every type of cell in the human body. It is one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health.

It helps in improving:

1. Erectile Dysfunction

2. Muscle Soreness

3. High Blood Pressure

4. Exercise Performance

5. Sexual Performance

5. Diabetes

Growth in the sales and buyers of vitamins and nutritional supplements have grown gradually since 2000. Consumers are becoming more aware of the need and health benefits of supplements.

Nitric Oxide supplements are very popular as they help in the body makeup. The important thing to know is that supplements don’t contain nitric oxide itself, but they contain the compounds that are used by your body to make nitric oxide.

Extra Strength L-Arginine 1200mg Nitric Oxide Supplement is prepared with the combination of the two best Nitric Oxide (NO) forms with Citrulline. This amazing combination proved its effectiveness for ultimate, synergistic blend of the three key Nitric Oxide ingredients to ensure you are getting ALL that Arginine can offer!

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