Extra Strength L Arginine 1500mg Nitric Oxide Supplement with L-Citrulline & Essential Amino Acids for Improving Blood Flow, Cardiovascular Health, Muscle Growth, and Endurance During Intense Workouts | Gluten & GMO Free


  • Research shows that L-arginine is beneficial for lowering inflammation and improving the health of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system, which is why oral arginine is one of the most popular supplements recommended by cardiologists. For people with high risk factors for coronary heart disease, L-arginine supplements can be an effective measure for preventing a heart attack or stroke.


    ✔️BOOSTS EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: Effectively improves blood flow by bringing nutrients and oxygen to muscle and joint tissues. Enjoy the benefits of exercise but with less pain. Also used to increase heat and circulation to damaged joints or cold hands and feet for people with complication with poor blood flow, arthritis or diabetes. Important for building strong muscle tissue, fighting inflammation causing bone and joint pain, repairing injuries, and for general nervous system functions.


    ✔️ IMPROVES HEART HEALTH: Beneficial for improving the health of blood vessels and cardiovascular system. An effective measure for preventing a heart attack or stroke by preventing high blood pressure, improving blood flow in clogged arteries, lowering high cholesterol, helping relieve congestive heart failure, improving stamina and reducing symptoms associated with cut-off blood flow from the heart to the limbs. Nitric oxide prevents blood clots that cut off blood supply, treats chest pain.


    ✔️ LOWERS INFLAMMATION & FIGHTS THE EFFECTS OF AGING: Fights disease-causing inflammation and raises immune function. L-arginine has been found to have substantial free radical-scavenging abilities due to its effects on the enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD) as well as other antioxidant mechanisms - commonly used in combination with antioxidants like vitamin C and omega-3 fish oil supplements, helping slow the aging process and preventing many chronic diseases.



    Low-circulating L-arginine has been found in some patients suffering from illnesses, trauma and cancer. It’s believed that certain immune system suppressor cells (called MSCs) might cause arginine deficiency or low levels circulating within the blood. This is problematic because the immune system’s protective lymphocytes and T-cells depend on arginine for defending the body. Used with omega-3 fish oils & other supplements for reducing risk for infections


    ✔️ INCREASE METABOLISM & MAINTAIN YOUTHFULNESS: Increases resting growth hormone levels at least 100%. Evidence shows that it increases plasma insulin and helps builds stronger muscles even when you’re resting. Affects your metabolism in a positive way by helping repair, build and maintain the youthful foundation of the skeletal-muscle system. 


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